We are proud of

References of our engineers:

        ○ Hüni AG Process Control – Developing software for product tracing, Developing visualization software for product tracing.

        ○ Hüni AG Process Control – Developing dynamic digital portfolio.

        ○ Automation and visualization of surface mine and calcium carbonate production plants in Arandjelovac and Topola.
            Project consist of 10 separate plants, Primary milling plant, Granulates screening plant, Carolith screening plant, Micronization plant, and Packaging plant.
            Investor: Omya Vencac d.o.o. More than 20000 signals.

        ○ Automating of turbine governor for Pelton and Francis turbines in hydro electrical power plant. Investor: Electric Power Industry of Serbia.

        ○ Electric Power Industry of Serbia – Branch Smederevska Palanka – Visualization and ERP software.

        ○ Foundry „Topola“ - Automation, Visualization and ERP software. More than 3000 signals.

        ○ Diary „UB d.o.o.“ - Automation, visualization, Logging, historian and maintenance software whole new plant. Project contains more than 8000 signals.

        ○ Coca – Cola Hellenic d.o.o., Belgrade – Automatization and visualization of Juice production process and system of cooling towers and
           chillers for preparation of cold water. More than 5000 signals.

        ○ Nestle Adriatic d.o.o., Ice Cream factory – Automatization and visualization of Ice cream preparation (Mixing, pasteurisation, rework, storageing). More than 5000 signals.

        ○ SIKA d.o.o. – Sigunit preparation factory – Automation and visualization - Conquering New Technology.